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H&M Style

From the latest trends to the hottest designer collaborations, H&M is the Swedish brand with its finger firmly on the fashion pulse. eBay is the place to find sell-out pieces from Sonia Rykiel, Anna Dello Russo and their edgy in-house line, H&M Studio.

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Camp It Up

Festivals don’t always have to be mud baths. Shop for a festival survival kit that will keep you warm and dry even if the weather has other ideas. With portable showers and compact camp stoves, build a home from home this summer. All you’re missing now is the music.

Very Vespa

Vroom vroom! Think Quadrophenia or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday as your scooter whizzes along the cobbled streets. Hair flying in the breeze, your classic white helmet keeps your ‘do in place with every twist and turn. Do as the Italians and grab your Piaggio this summer.

Cats and dogs

Treat yourself or the cat or dog lover in your life to quirky prints and novelty knick-knacks inspired by our favourite friends. No home is complete without a cat doormat or stylish bandana collars, they’ll be barking and meowing with delight.

Print it 3D

The buzz of your 3D printer echoes down the corridor. Using a machine worthy of the future always excites you. A truly revolutionary piece of equipment, you happily RepRap print plastic objects galore. The ultimate form of DIY – just download your chosen file.

The Beetles

Perfectly curved hood, shining hubcaps, round headlights. With a design so good that it’s barely changed in 75 years, the Volkswagen Beetle is universally loved and instantly recognisable. Keep your vintage vehicle looking iconic with perfect parts and accessories.

Little Paper Animals

They love nothing more than quiet Sunday mornings spent cutting and pasting. Since the school holidays are almost here, now’s a great time to get the kids involved in some summer crafts. Why not treat them to one of these adorable animal inspired kits?

That 70s Style

From floaty cotton to soft suede, the bohemian look was all over the catwalk this season. Think easy, relaxed looks that will see you through from lunch dates to sultry summer nights. Just add gold hoop earrings and a floppy hat to ensure all eyes are on you.

Summer Love

A view of the sunset and a new exciting city. This is how every Friday night should begin. Work is almost forgotten – a mere pre-holiday memory. Let the fun begin. This rooftop bar is packed beyond all recognition. You’re trying to spot your friends - then you spot him. Dressed so impeccably in crisp shades of blue - he simply stands out. His subtle printed shirt complements his soft grey eyes. His classic kicks tell you he has great taste. Style is his summer statement.

Honeymoon Heaven

As you pack excitedly for the honeymoon all those wedding presents are coming in handy. The new sunglasses, laptop bag and camera are stylish gifts to make this honeymoon unforgettable. Choose some great gifts for the most romantic of holidays.

Poolside Glamour

The reflection of a blue cloudless sky in the salt-water pool is incredibly becoming. The idea of being surrounded by the cool water overwhelms your senses – you need to take a dip. Bathe in the pool water. Move through the soft currents. The scene is reminiscent of David Hockney’s – A Bigger Splash! Feel like a piece of art in an incredible swimsuit. Tiny patterned bikinis will up your tan game, a bright hued swimsuit makes you feel like a fifties style pin-up. Define poolside allure.

On your Bike

Whizzing down the open road as country lanes fly past. A canary yellow bike frame stands out boldly against the earthy tones of the surrounding fields. From saddles, to helmets, to cycling jerseys, discover everything you need to get back on that bike this season.

The world biggest band

The dulcet tones of the Fab Four penetrate the air. Love Me Do, Hard Day’s Night, Yesterday – every sixties Beatles classic vibrates through the walls. You’re a dedicated super fan so listen to your favourite tracks on the latest audio tech.

Capture Escape

A local’s smiling face, dressed head to toe in extravagant traditional dress. These are moments you love to snap on your travels. The vibrancy is almost otherworldly at times. Put your holiday in the frame with a great collection of bold camera essentials.