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Design meets functionality

Dress your workplace in modern Scandi style. Clear tones project luminosity and harmony with the environment. But feel free to play with contrasts of color and material to add a personal touch. Aesthetics is as important as comfort and functionality. Shall we get down to work?

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Transparence and Lightness

Create your dining area in black, white and red. Transparent furniture and accessories combine prominence and lightness. It’s not about quantity, but quality and style. Shall we lay the table?

An inviting table

Want to freshen up your dining room? Furnish it with flavour to make it more welcoming and optimise your space. Mix the clean lines of ultra-contemporary furniture with luminous, neutral tones. Dinner is served!

Make It Wood

Luxuriously dark walnut handcrafted to perfection. Sleek lines and curved edges echo the modern minimalism of steel. Natural graining ensures each piece is fabulously unique. Bring the outdoors in by juxtaposing cutting-edge technology with the beauty of Mother Nature.

A Kitchen to Marvel

Steel pans bubble under the dim light of the cooker hood. A scarlet Kitchen Aid whirs. Every chef needs a helping hand from strong, stylish technology to cut down on the elbow grease. Treat yourself to sleek appliances and avoid kitchen captivity.

Design at your service

Choose the functionality of the latest design to work in comfort and pleasure: neutral colours, soft lines, open spaces. Develop your ideas in a workspace that’s elegant, modern and practical.

Your special place

The living room is the most special place in your house. The perfect place for evenings with friends and family. Decorate in style without sacrificing comfort: geometric forms, traditional motifs, neutral colours and, most of all, your personal touch.

Never go wrong

An important appointment at work? An evening with friends? Or a romantic dinner? Elegance isn’t a style but a way of being that adapts to any event. Black or white? Silver or gold? With the classics you can never go wrong.

Faithful to your style

Being on trend doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Casual style starts with comfort to create a personalised look: by matching clothes and accessories you’ll find infinite solutions to stay faithful to your style while wearing the latest fashion trends.

The colours of you

The clothes you wear speak for you. The colours you choose speak for you. Your style speaks for you. I feel happy, positive, dynamic and strong... This is who I am. My mind active and alert. I’m always ready to set off on new adventures. For me the glass is always half-full.

The evergreen duo

Try out the Black and White look: it’s timeless and chic. With this combination you can never go wrong. Have fun mixing the two colors. Try a white top, black trousers and an accessory in gold—bold contrasts for an authentic style.

Shared pleasures

The kitchen is the real ‘living’ room and therefore must be welcoming: it’s there you have your regular date with those closest to you. Touches of colour add dynamism. Mix with stylish utensils to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Feel at ease when cooking and sharing the best of times.

A splash of colour

Want to reboot your kitchen? Brighten up the room and get in the mood for cooking? Choose bright colours: why not a splash of red, the warmest of warm colours? Or a touch of orange, bright and inviting? Relaxing green is all about nature. The choice is yours. The important thing is to harmonise the colours.