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Save on Refurb Phones

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Here’s one we want to share with you. Universal Gadgets have a vast range of refurbished phones for you to swoop in on. There’s something for the Android lovers and the Apple obsessed, so no one will feel left out. Save money and get all the features you want today.

Summer Surfing

Experience Hawaii this summer. Dazzling sunlight, crashing sea, green palms rustling in the breeze. Feel the rush of catching a wave in the seasonal swells. Go bold with your prints, teaming your floral shirt with a straw trilby for the ultimate in relaxed surfer style.


Explore the best smart watches and find your personal (sport) assistant.

Fly High

Crazy kites look perfect against a bright blue backdrop of a sunny day, so why not try one out? Whether you’re on the beach or at the park, this is one hobby that will keep you on your toes all summer.

In Rainbows

If you aren’t sure which colour to go for, why not choose them all at once? Rainbow is a great option when you’re feeling indecisive, and peppy brights are the perfect addition on those rainy days this spring. Shop our edit of items from Pantone and beyond.

Game Over

Crowded around the retro arcade machine, your friends watch in awe as you beat the top score. The retro design and graphics give your games room the perfect hint of 90s nostalgia. Why not delve deeper with our pick of retro gaming’s finest hits?

Turn It Up a Gear

The brand new series of Top Gear means cheeky new presenters and exhilarating new test tracks. If you’ve got the need – the need for speed – then let the Stig show you around cars old and new with a box set of previous adventures, whilst you tinker with the latest merch.