100% Cotton Bedding Sets and Duvet Covers

100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers are the perfect all year round soft furnishing option for all styles of modern bedrooms.

Different types

Lightweight 100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers are available in all standard bed sizes. The single size bed linen sets are supplied with one matching pillowcase . Double and king size bedding sets include a duvet cover and two matching pillowcases.

Many modern styles of 100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers feature a reversible design. The front panel design is typically complemented with a tonal variation or a contrasting pattern on the reverse.

A plain colour fitted sheet perfectly complements all designs and patterns of 100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers. All fitted sheets have elasticated corners for a tight fit. Additional pillowcases are supplied in pairs and are available in the popular standard housewife style.

Classic design styles

Modern 100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers are available in a wide variety of motif designs, and stylish contemporary digital and graphic prints. They are also available in checked pattern; this particular design and style can provide a timeless bed dressing option for classic and traditional interiors.

Other designs include a stylish striped effect and are a great practical choice for the masculine bedroom. However the bedding sets and duvet covers are the classic bed linen choice for feminine and French country inspired bedrooms.

Alternative designs are also available for children's and teenager's bedrooms, and you could opt for a fashionable 3D photographic print bedding set or cover.

Some can also feature a plain solid colour are a versatile soft furnishing accessory for all bedrooms. The bedding sets are available in modern bold colours and classic neutral or pastel tones. Mix and match the bed linen, or dress the bed in an elegant and sophisticated one colour style.

Fabric variations

Bed linen that is made from 100% cotton is a practical and comfortable bedding set for all year round use and some of the benefits of natural cotton is that it's lightweight and breathable.

Egyptian 100% cotton bedding sets and duvet covers offer the top of the line in luxurious quality and comfort. The super fine threads are soft, and perfect for regulating body temperature whilst you sleep.

Super soft thermal flannelette is made from 100% natural cotton. The lightweight fabric boasts a thick warp and a thin weft weave that produces the textured fuzzy feel finish. Flannelette material is also used on some these bedding sets and duvet covers and are the ideal seasonal choice for keeping warm on cold winter nights.