110AH Leisure Battery

110 AH Leisure Battery

Shop an extensive range of high quality and reliable 110 AH leisure motorhome and campervan batteries here on eBay. Whether you are an occasional camper looking for a reliable product or an explorer planning a week;s trip into the wild you are sure to find the product you are after. 

110 AH

AH stands for Ampere Hours. A 110 AH battery will provide electricity for 110 hours. The amp and wattage provided by the battery will differ depending on the product. 

When you are deciding which battery to buy you should consider how you plan to use your caravan or motorhome. In general terms, the more you intend to use your camper, and the longer trips you plan to take, the higher quality battery you are recommended to purchase. 

Occasional Usage

If you use your caravan for weekend getaways, and typically hook up to a power point in the evening then your best bet will probably be a dual purpose battery. A dual-purpose battery is likely to provide you with ample power for all but the most intense of usage, and moreover, they are typically competitively priced. 

Frequent Use

If you plan to use your caravan for longer trips or know that you are taking it somewhere where you may not have ready access to power then you may want to look for a semi traction leisure caravan battery. Semi traction leisure batteries are more expensive, but will offer you a more consistent level of performance, and will generally have a longer product life. If you know that you will be using a large assortment of devices and gadgets then a 110AH semi traction leisure battery would be a good fit. 

Greater AH

Several brands of battery also offer 130AH models which you may which to consider if you are a serious camper or else planning a long trip into the wild.