12ft Trampoline: Bouncing for Fun

Many kids, and even a lot of adults, love to bounce on trampolines. Whether you want a cheap 12-foot trampoline or one that is designed for a seasoned gymnast to use, there are many options on eBay that can fit the needs of the entire family. In fact, some models even have a ladder that you can use to climb onto the trampoline before you begin jumping.

Do trampolines have a weight limit that you should consider?

The jumper weight limit of most trampolines will vary based on the size and shape of the model. Therefore, you will want to look into purchasing one that fits your familys needs. If you have a few kids, you will not want a small trampoline that cant accommodate them and allow them to play together. In regard to 12-foot trampolines, the weight limit on these models is typically between 250 and 300 pounds.

What are the benefits of 12-foot trampolines with enclosures?

When you purchase this size trampoline, there is a good chance that the bouncing surface will be about two feet off of the ground. An enclosure that encircles the entire trampoline will help protect the jumpers so that they do not fall off and get injured with a big bounce. This is especially useful if children will be jumping on the trampoline. A closure also provides an area around the trampoline where you can connect things like a hoop so that your kids can play games while they are bouncing.

What is an in-ground trampoline?

Those who do not want to climb onto a traditional 12-foot trampoline may want to try an in-ground model of the same size. It is basically the same thing as a traditional trampoline, but the surface that you jump on is ground level. It will require some kind of hole to accommodate the jumping. In addition to being easier to get on, this is an option that looks flush to the ground, so it looks like it is part of your lawn instead of a piece of equipment on it.

What trampoline brands should you consider before making a purchase?

When you are ready to purchase your new trampoline, you will want to check out different brands to see which one fits your needs. There is not a superior brand to consider, but there are some well-known options. Some brands include:

  • Plum
  • Rebo
  • Jumpking
  • Homcom
  • TP