12V Leisure Battery

12V leisure batteries for every camper

Go on holiday without paying extra costs for accommodations or hotels by using your RV or motorhome. Keep on moving and cross borders by using leisure batteries, allowing you to go further on vacation than before. 


Leisure batteries for campervans and motorhomes have to be able to provide prolonged and stable current flow to keep the engine and interior appliances running efficiently. They can not only be used in caravans and motorhomes but can also be utilised in boats and other marine vehicles. 

Maintenance-free batteries are also available, which means you dont have to open up and refill with distilled water and are more useful for those who dont overcharge in excess of 14.6V. Instead, these batteries have a meter on the side to show how much charge is remaining, and its recommended that one recharges at 50 percent for the best effect and a longer battery life. With each battery lasting for at least five years brand new, you can enjoy an annual holiday without worrying about your battery. 

Your choices

Pick from brands such as Yuasa, Victron and NUMAX for your long-running, re-chargeable leisure battery. Decide which size you want, with smaller batteries needing more charges but the larger ones being heavier despite having a longer life, allowing you choose exactly what you need for your recreational vehicle. Charge with a leisure battery charger whenever needed with its handy portable design, maximising efficiency for your battery. 

Choose your re-chargeable battery from semi-traction versions, which are typically used in golf buggies and wheelchairs, which are intended to be discharged and recharged daily, or the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery alternate which is capable of deep-cycling with a continuous charge for a longer term use. These types of batteries come in a variety of forms, including but not limited to lead-acid, lithium and gel.