Going Vintage with an 18k Gold Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are as uncommon as they are elegant, so they make a strong fashion statement. Of course, that 18k gold pocket watch must also keep time accurately. Whether youre in the market for a 14k gold pocket watch or a branded metal one, youll need to learn a little about watches before making a purchase from the extensive range of new and secondhand pocket watches available on eBay.

How do you choose the gold of your watch?

Karats refer to the purity of the gold and thus affect the way your gold looks and how it will gain value. An 18k gold pocket watch is usually more valuable than a 9k one, but the brand and the scarcity of your pocket watchs design will impact its cost and resale value.

  • The age of your watch will often affect its value. That antique or Victorian pocket watch isnt guaranteed to be an investment piece, so get advice about the precise design youre considering.
  • Rolex, Jaeger-Le Coultre, and Omega gold pocket watch designs usually hold their value better than alternatives.
  • 9k gold is harder, lighter, and less expensive than the purest 24-karat options.
  • White gold is rarer than yellow gold and platinum.
  • Handmade chronographs often retain their value better than digital watches.
  • A gold-plated pocket watch is generally cheaper than a pure gold one, but the brand, scarcity, and watch innards also affect value.
Which gold will suit your skin type and preferences?

That gold pocket watch engraved with your own name will have a unique hue. White gold looks similar to platinum, but slightly yellower, and is blended with white metal. Rose, pink, and red hues are warm. These golds are mixed with copper. Green gold is an alloy that has some silver content. Golds unique yellow is also favoured by many. There are many different gold alloys and metal plating that will affect hue. White gold is usually 58.5% pure, but if you want a whiter hue, a rhodium plating will lighten it.

Which innards will suit your needs?

Mechanical watches operate through a coiled wire that needs to be wound. Craftsmanship is important here. A well-designed mechanical watch can achieve extreme accuracy, and purists often love them for how time-consuming they are to craft. They dont need a battery and have a smooth movement. If you dont like a ticking pocket watch, a mechanical watch will give you the silence you enjoy. Automatic watches are powered using a mainspring that self-winds, while quartz watches use batteries.