• 2 Way High Gain Plug-in Digital Radio TV DAB VHF Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier

    Plug-in 2 way aerial amplifier designed to boost the signal received by the aerial for distribution to TV or radio sets. The product will work with Digital Terrestrial, DAB and VHF signals. For Use with Digital Terrestial, VHF & FM Signals.
    EUR 126.75
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 11.11 postage
    Brand: Electrovision
    100 sold
    Type: Plug In Aerial Amplifier
  • 2 way wolsey variable gain lte aerial masthead amp and power supply unit 12/25db

    EUR 26.64
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 7.03 postage
    Brand: WolseyCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Maxview 12v 24v Variable Signal Booster for Caravan Motorhome Truck Camper

    Maxview 12/24v Variable Signal Booster MXL008. Increases the strength of all incoming terrestrial TV (digital/HD/3D) and radio (DAB/FM) signals in weaker reception areas.
    EUR 31.12
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 7.08 postage
    Brand: MaxviewCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • mhk2 2 way lte variable gain t.v aerial masthead amp and power supply unit

    EUR 24.41
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 6.99 postage
    Brand: AntiferenceCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Maxx Digital 20 dB In Line Amplifier

    20dB In- Line Amplifier for coaxial cable. 1 x 20db In-Line Amplifier. © Satsecure.
    EUR 2.78
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 6.71 postage
    Type: In-Line Amplifier
    352 sold
    Customs services and international tracking provided

    •Improves your TV reception even in poor reception areas. •Boosts signal strength even in poor reception areas. Designed to increase and distribute a TV signal to 2 TVs. •1 year manufacturers warranty.
    EUR 17.78
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 6.91 postage
    Brand: SLx
    66 sold
    Customs services and international tracking provided
  • Mercury 130.030 Mains Powered Signal Distribution Amplifier With DC Pass 3 Out

    Built in low noise amplifier with wideband output. Built in surge and short circuit protection, and maximum output limiter prevents overload. Full Gain Output: 20dB. Gain per Split: 12dB. Colour: Black.
    EUR 21.89
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 9.13 postage
    Brand: MercuryType: Distribution Amplifier
  • 12 24 volt Variable Signal Booster Aerial Maxview MXL008 Caravan Motorhome Boat

    The 12/24V d.c. Variable Gain Signal Booster is designed for use in touring applications to boost and distribute TV, FM and DAB signals. Specifically designed to work with any Maxview Touring Aerial.
    EUR 24.46
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 9.45 postage
    Brand: Maxview
    150 sold
  • Koe Antenna Amplifiers 20dB Quadruple for Dvb-C Cable Connection Unitymedia

    King amplifier 20dB 4 x universal amplifier for DVB-C / T/T2, FM, cable connection or UHF/VHF gain. The King amplifier is designed to lift weak signal. A good increase in signal strength should be with the gain of 20 DB per output very well realize. Losses optimally balance the 20dB boost, caused for example by distributor, switches or Sockets. Also ideal if only a weak signal on the receiver. Through the four outputs he can be as a perfect amplifier 4 devices. Connect your main line directly to the amplifier IN to. At the 4 outputs, you can their devices up to 4 receiver connect TV-radio. The energy-saving power supply provides only 250 Ma consumption for economical reinforcement. NI.
    EUR 19.64
    From Germany
    EUR 16.03 postage
    Brand: Konig
  • Signal Booster Two Output Amplifier With 4G Filter HD TV FM DAB Channel 2 Way UK

    45dB 4G interference protection. BOOSTS YOUR TV/FM/DAB SIGNAL - Ideal for improving picture quality and channel reception particularly over long cable runs.
    EUR 17.79
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 6.91 postage
    Brand: SLxCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • 2-Way Plug In Aerial Amplifier For TV Signals with Built in 4G Filter Grey

    This SLX plug-in aerial amplifier is designed to improve picture and sound quality by amplifying weak UHF and VHF signals. Designed to amplify TV & DAB/FM signals in poor reception area. Boosts signals even in poor reception areas.
    EUR 18.29
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 6.92 postage
    Brand: SLxType: Plug In Aerial AmplifierCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Maxview Variable Signal Booster 12/24V - TV/FM

    Twin Output: Allows the boosted signal to be supplied to two locations without compromising signal quality. Note: The Variable Signal Booster unit is not weatherproof or for permanent outdoor use. Variable Signal Booster.
    EUR 25.01
    From United Kingdom
    EUR 16.68 postage
    Brand: Maxview

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