Apple MacBook Pro Released 2011

The Apple MacBook is Apple's model of laptop computer that uses its well known Mac operating system. The Apple MacBook Pro released in 2011 is a higher spec version of the standard MacBook laptop , the Pro being short for Professional, and is aimed at users who may require a higher level of functionality. For example, graphic designers, video editors or people who simply wish to have a more powerful laptop.

Types of Apple MacBook Pro

The 2011 release model of the Apple MacBook Pro comes in a range of different types, with screen sizes and capabilities being the main differentiator.

The smallest size Apple MacBook Pro comes with a 13.3 inch screen (as measured diagonally from bottom corner to top corner.) Larger screen sizes are also available, with a 15.4 inch and a 17 inch model also being produced. The larger screens may be more suitable for you if you wish to do a lot of graphics work or maybe watch films or TV shows on your MacBook.

On board memory storage capacity for the 2011 MacBook Pro ranges from 320Gb to 1Tb. Larger storage capacity allows you to have more programs and files stored on your portable computer, so this will be suitable if you have a lot of data you wish to keep with you on your laptop.

MacBook laptops come with a range of different RAM memory sizes, from 4Gb up to 16Gb and more. The more RAM memory you have on the device, the more programs you can have open at once and the more powerful the machine will be in general.

About the Apple brand

Apple was founded in the 1970s as a manufacturer of computer hardware equipment. They developed their Mac operating system in competition with the famous Windows system and have continued to refine it to this day, becoming one of the largest companies in the world in the process.