2016 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Advanced 2016 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Apple remains firmly at the forefront of innovative consumer electronics with the 2016 MacBook Pro. The California-based tech behemoth describes this new release as razor-thin and feather light, weighing in at under 2kg, making it the perfect laptop for both personal home use or taking with you on the go. 


This highly portable Apple laptop comes in two size options, 13-inch and 15-inch. 

Dont let its appearance deceive you. The MacBook Pro is a fast and powerful device. It also boasts the most vivid display seen yet on an Apple Mac laptop or notebook. Cutting-edge graphics, bright LED back-lighting, plus a broader range of colours all contribute towards making it ideal for graphic design and photography-based work. 

However, the key new feature of the MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar, a strip of glass built into the keyboard which grants users quick and easy access to the full range of apps and tools. 

Replacing the function keys that traditionally sit along the top of the keyboard, its a versatile and highly responsive addition, adapting the menu to whats most relevant based on what youre doing. Use it to change the volume and brightness, access text suggestions and emojis, or even answer your iPhone. It also houses Touch ID technology, thereby enabling secure and instant access to login details and facilitating transactions through Apple Pay. 

The MacBook Pros impressive performance is thanks to its 7th-grade Intel Core processor, which is supported by intelligent energy-conserving technology. When working on those more demanding tasks, such as video editing, it will employ Turbo Boost to keep you powering through. 

Alternatively, when using your MacBook Pro for lighter tasks like browsing the web, it works to save vital energy. This highly responsive system is also complemented by an impressive ten-hour battery life.