Powerful 3D printers for personal use

3D printers are no longer available to a select few, anyone can purchase one of these affordable and extremely advanced machines. Create 3D models of whatever takes your fancy, perfect for creating models of famous landmarks or characters. They can also be used to quickly make functional items, like phone cases. You'll find the perfect 3D printer for your home right here on eBay. 

Prusa 3D printers

For something to use at home in the garage, a Prusa 3D printer is a must have. Go for the Original Prusa i3 MK3 printer for an award winning bit of kit. This hi tech machine can sit atop a desktop for ease of access in an office, garage or workshop. 

Turn on the stealth mode for silent printing, whilst normal mode prints at speeds of up to 200mm/s. The strong frame of this printer works to keep everything stable when in use. 

The built in filament sensor can tell when you're running out of filament and tells you when it's time to add a new spool. Filament blockages are also automatically detected so you can get back to printing in no time. 

XYZ Printing 3D printers

Educator Junior Series printer from XYZ Printing is perfect for use in the classroom. Capture the imagination of students with this customisable printer with laser engraving, wifi connectivity and mixed colour capabilities. 

These XYZ 3D printers are compact yet efficient, perfect for smaller spaces like classrooms. Also environment friendly, the PLA plastic filament used to create the 3D models is bio degradable. 

Filament length is constantly tracked during use so you're never left with half a model. 

Makerbot3D printers

For something more professional grade, go for a Makerbot Replica+ 3D printer. These models can be paired with software on your computer to design models, whilst the Grip Surface and Flex Build Plate make for high quality models that are easy to remove. 

Top Products in 3D Printers

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