50 cm Hood Width Oven & Cooker Hoods

Small but powerful 50cm oven and cooker hoods

Add something new to your kitchen with a 50cm oven and cooker hood from this range. Perfect for those who are short on space in the kitchen, these small oven and cooker hoods can be hooked up to an extractor fan to remove excess steam, hot air and odours while cooking, making them a kitchen essential. 

There are loads of different styles of oven and cooker hoods in this range, so you can select the perfect one to suit your kitchen. 

Different types on offer

If youre a fan of a more traditional look, a chimney or canopy cooker hood could be perfect for you. These cooker hoods are designed to be affixed to the wall, and are great at funnelling out hot air and strong smells while you cook. Visor cooker hoods are also made to fit onto the wall, and their slim design means they are perfect if youre looking for something subtle for your kitchen. 

You might also be able to find 50cm oven and cooker hoods to replace an integrated model. Integrated cooker hoods are designed to be built into the undersides of cupboards, and are ideal for maximising storage space in your kitchen. 

For those who have their cooker or oven in a kitchen island, look out for island cooker hoods. These handy kitchen appliances are designed to be suspended from the ceiling in order to make sure your kitchen stays nice and cool and free from any lingering cooking smells. 

Colours and materials

You can find 50cm cooker hoods in a range of colours like white, black and stainless steel, so theres bound to be something that will fit in with any kind of kitchen decor. Many of these 50cm oven and cooker hoods are made of metal for durability and an attractive finish. However, you might also come across 50cm cooker hoods made from other materials such as glass, which would be perfect for a really contemporary look in your home.