Store and Organise Your Files Using A4 Office Boxes

A4 box files are a great way to keep track of your important business or personal papers. These box files can hold any papers that conform to the A4 ISO 216 industry standard. You can find a wide variety of affordable A4 box types and styles on eBay.

Do A4 box files come in different materials?

You may wish to choose a set of A4 box files based on the type of material they use. Each material has its own useful properties depending on your filing needs or your situation. Some of the most common materials you will find for these boxes are:

  • Cardboard - Cardboard A4 filing boxes are designed to be lightweight and easy for you to transport as necessary. The cardboard construction may be thick and rugged to help the box keep its shape when it is at capacity.
  • Plastic - Plastic box files are available on eBay in a range of bright colours. The plastic construction makes the boxes durable without making them too heavy. You may wish to purchase boxes in several colours to help you organise various file types.
  • Metal - Metal A4 box files are intended to provide a durable shell to protect your documents from the elements.
What types of A4 box files can you get?

The containers on eBay conform to A4 box file dimensions. However, they can vary according to their shape, type, or how they secure your files. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find affordable A4 boxes that use the filing systems you prefer. Some types of box files you will come across are:

  • Standard - The standard document folder will hold pieces of A4 paper loosely between two panels of cardboard, plastic, or metal. You can transfer papers to and from this folder with ease.
  • Lever arch - A lever arch A4 box file uses two curved rods of metal and a bar to hold your papers in place. You can move the bar to retrieve papers from the container.
  • Wallet - A wallet folder has individual compartments that you can use to separate a series of A4 documents.
What are the A4 box file measurements?

Although A4 boxes can come in different shapes, they all use the same size measurements to hold your papers. You can see the manufacturer's site for details. Any A4 box file will hold papers measuring 210 x 297 millimetres. The covers on the boxes should be able to encompass the whole page.