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APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies

APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies for Emergency Power

If you want to make sure that theres never a time when your critical business functions are offline, the APC UPS (uninterruptible power supply) units in this collection from eBay might be just what you need. This company makes a variety of different types of UPS units, and heres what you need to know prior to making a selection.

What are some applications in which these devices are used?

You can use an APC UPS in any scenario in which you want to make sure that your electronic components wont go offline in the event of a power outage. These units have high-capacity batteries, and they produce AC electrical power. One common application for these units is in server environments. A power outage could make your clients lose access to your network, but with an APC UPS, you can keep your server running no matter what. These units are also used in medical settings in which patients could be harmed if they lose access to their electronic medical technology.

In what voltages are these power supplies offered?

These power supply units provide a variety of different types of voltages to their electrical sockets. Here are some examples of the types of voltages that these power supplies produce:

  • 120V: Most American devices use 120V power.
  • 230V: Some of these UPS units provide 230V power, which is more compatible with devices that are from different countries. For instance, devices from Mexico may use 220V power, and these devices will work better with a 230V power supply than a 240V power supply.
  • 240V: 240V AC power is standard in the UK. Most appliances that are made for use in the UK will use 240V power, and this type of electricity is more efficient when you run UK devices.
How long do these power supplies last?

The duration that these devices will provide backup electrical power depends on the model and the load that you put on the device. As you select from among the UPS units in this collection on eBay, keep an eye out for the "VA" rating of each device. This rating describes the amount of power that a device can produce, and it is similar to the amp-hour (Ah) rating that is used more commonly with devices that contain DC batteries. If you need to provide uninterrupted power to a server bank for four hours or more, you should select a UPS unit with a high VA rating.

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