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ASUS Laptop Replacement Keyboards

ASUS Laptop Replacement Keyboards

ASUS are a well-known computer manufacturer, producing a wide range of desktop computers, laptops and tablets. In addition to this, they also sell spares and replacement parts, so finding ASUS laptop replacement keyboards that fit your machine wont be too hard.

However, before you buy a replacement for your keyboard, it is important to make a few checks. Bear in mind that the keyboard will have been manufactured with a specific laptop in mind and that the layout of the keys differ from country to country. Always refer to your laptops instruction manual and other documentation before making a purchase or you could end up with a keyboard that doesnt fit!

Tracking down a replacement

A quick web-search will show many outlets offering replacement keyboards and it is tempting to simply buy the first one you see, but be careful. You should check that the keyboard you are going to purchase matches your laptops exact model number. This number is likely to be found underneath the screen or on the underside of the laptop.

ASUSs parts list is based on using the prefix MB ver: and this is put before the model number on the laptops. For example, a K55A laptop will be listed as MB ver: K55A on the machine. So when looking on the underside of the laptop, keep an eye out for this prefix and youll locate your model number faster.

Having found your model number, you should be able to locate a replacement keyboard that is the correct match for your laptop .

Keyboard Layout

In addition to being the correct keyboard for your model of laptop, it should also have a correct layout. Manufacturers make keyboards with different layouts for different countries, reflecting the different languages and typing conventions. For example, a German layout will include keys that an English speaker would not use such as the umlaut key. Canadian keyboards have a bilingual layout, due to both English and French being spoken in Canada.

Therefore, check the replacement keyboard description before you buy it as it may be laid out for a speaker of a different language. Look for a keyboard that is set up for UK English.