Make Space and Save Time by Using an Acrylic Makeup Storage Container

When your makeup is thrown in a drawer or sprawled on the bathroom counter it's overwhelming to look at and difficult to find what you need. Makeup organisers will protect expensive brushes from damage and stop you from buying extra lipsticks when you already have that colour in the back of the drawer. On eBay, you can find a range of affordable acrylic makeup storage options, whatever the size of your makeup collection, whatever your style.

What are some makeup storage ideas?

Makeup is challenging to store because bottles come in different shapes, styles, and sizes and also, it's important to be able to see all your options at once. Depending on your living situation and how you typically use your makeup, you'll find different storage solutions appealing. Here are a few makeup storage ideas:

  • Makeup storage case: If you're a professional makeup artist transporting your cosmetic collection to clients, a storage case that snaps tight and keeps everything organised is crucial. Frequent travellers will also find a transportable case handy.
  • Mirrored makeup storage: If you live in a busy family home or share a bathroom, having your own portable mirror attached to your makeup collection can give you the privacy you crave.
  • Stackable makeup storage: If your cosmetic collection is substantial but space is limited, stackable storage leaves room for expansion. Label each layer so you know what's inside, and keep frequently-used items on top.
  • Makeup brush holder: Maybe you already have your cosmetics in order, but have expanded your brush collection. Find the brush shape you need, when you need it, and keep those bristles in top condition.
What are the advantages of the different methods of organising your collection?

Not only are there storage cases for different people and different situations, but there are also different methods of dividing your collection. Below are some of the organising options you can choose from:

  • Round with 360-degree rotation: Everything is accessible without taking too much horizontal space.
  • Stackable: Organised and secure so it's not easily messed-up.
  • Drawers: The clutter can be slid out of sight when you don't need the drawer.
  • Tiered with dividers and compartments: Every item has its own place, and you can see everything at once.
How is bedroom makeup storage different from other storage solutions?

Some organizers are built with toiletries in mind, but bedroom makeup storage solutions prioritise cosmetics and jewelry, and allow aesthetics to take precedence over utilitarian needs.