Powering up with AG13 Batteries

AG13 batteries are a particular type of alkaline button cell. They are an extremely common choice among electronic device manufacturers, who design their smaller devices to be powered by batteries of this size and specification. Devices that commonly use and are supplied with AG13 batteries include watches, small LED torches, digital thermometers, fitness monitors, calculators, and small toys. Check out the extensive listings on eBay for a wide choice of AG13 button cells.

Which companies make AG13 batteries?

Many companies are involved in the manufacture and branding of AG13 batteries. These include several well-known companies, such as Duracell, Energizer, Maxell, and Kodak, and a large number of small, lesser-known manufacturers also produce them, often for other, larger companies.

Why are AG13 batteries sometimes advertised and labelled with alternative numbers?

Many different brands like to use alternative numbers to create an association among customers between the number and the brand. Also, manufacturers may make slight modifications to the chemistry of the button cell in order to enhance certain properties, such as shelf-life. As a result, the AG13 can also be found bearing a range of alternative letters and numbers, all referring to basically the same button cell battery.

  • LR1154 is the AG13s official code number given by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).
  • LR44 is used by Maxell and Duracell.
  • A76 is used by Energizer and Philips.
  • M44 is used by Toshiba.
  • SB-F9 is used by Seiko.
  • KA is used by Timex.
  • SP303 is used by Panasonic.
Can AG13 alkaline batteries be used as replacements for silver oxide or lithium versions of the button cell?

If your device already has 1.5-volt, silver oxide button cell batteries that need replacing, you can replace those with AG13 alkaline batteries if you wish as they are completely interchangeable. They cant replace lithium button cells, however, as the voltage is different.

What are the technical characteristics of the AG13 button cell battery?

AG13 button cell batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and a typical current-delivering capacity of 138 mAh. When buying AG13 batteries for any of your compatible devices, its also worthwhile buying some extra ones to keep as spares because of their relatively low self-discharge rate. Keep in mind, too, that unused AG13 button cells will retain their charge longer if they remain sealed in their blister pack.