Album Music CDs

Own your favourite songs with album music CDs

Despite the huge growth in digital music, there is still a solid demand for album music CDs. Theres just something satisfying about having a physical copy of an album, complete with printed artwork, sleeve notes and lyrics, that a digital download simply cannot match. Whats more, while it is easy to upload a music CD onto your phone or music player, it is far more difficult to recreate a CD album from a download. 

A massive music store

Youll find a massive choice of CD albums available on eBay, with everything from the very latest releases to the classics. Theres every style from blues to bee-bop, country to classical, rock to rap, youre sure to sure to find your favourite music. Youll also find the latest releases from The Greatest Showman or George Ezra, Kylie or The Killers. Or, look for your favourite albums from the 1990s, including Dr. Dres The Chronic or R.E.Ms Out of Time. 

Listen to the songs of your favourite flicks with a film soundtrack CD. Choose from the ever-popular Frozen or Disneys Z-O-M-B-I-E-S soundtrack. 

New or used

Choose a brand new music CD and you are guaranteed a pristine, un-played disc without a scratch, and immaculate packaging and artwork. To save even more, look for used CD albums, which have been enjoyed before, but if treated properly, could still be as good as new. 

Discover a rarity

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying CD albums is the sheer size of the store. With around two and a half million music albums listed on CD at any one time, youve got much more chance of coming across that rare, hard to find disc that completes your collection or even finding a release that you didnt know existed.