American Football Jerseys

American Football Jerseys

American football jerseys are very popular worldwide for both sport and fashion. People wear American football jerseys to show their love, commitment and support of a certain American football team. Although they are first and foremost worn by the athletes that compete, and the fans that follow the team, they are often worn for fashion as they are stylish, comfortable pieces of clothing that are worn by all varieties of people, from different places in the world, not just America.

American football jerseys are considered a very popular item of clothing for both fashion and sport. Football jerseys come in a range of different designs, colours, sizes and all represent a specific club that is in the National Football League in America. The sizes can vary from small to XXL and there are hundreds of different designs. The designs vary on the club as well as other factors such as season, game, player and year. National football league teams have new football jerseys for new seasons, for unique or special games, for each player and also have different designs for home and away games.

Official NFL

The national football league has officially licensed all American football jerseys that are available. By having the jerseys certified it shows that they are official NFL merchandise to the specific team, club and the NFL as a whole league. It is important for American football fans to get official merchandise so that they are able to support their favourite club the right way. This is stitched onto the side of the arm of each and every jersey to show that they are official NFL American jerseys.


As the NFL is one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, a wide range of the most prestigious sporting brands have manufactured football jerseys for certain clubs, this includes Nike , Adidas, Puma and Reebok .


All the American football jerseys have a similar look and design which includes a tailored, modern fit with a V-neck, 100% polyester material featuring small ventilation holes for enhanced breathability, printed numbers and information that is silicone material which provides a more lightweight durability. They all feature the NFL logo, the sports brand that manufactured the jerseys logo and the players number and name.

There are 32 teams in the NFL which all supply their team and fans with NFL American football jerseys. From the jerseys available, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from when deciding which American football jersey you want.