American Football Pads

American Football Pads

With a history dating back as far as 1869, American football has had a huge following in the United States for many years. The sport didnt arrive in the UK until much later, so it hasnt had as long to gain popularity over here, but even so, there are now hundreds of American football clubs here in the UK playing at several different levels, which means that American football pads are in demand.

American football pads: safety first

American football is a full-contact, physically demanding team sport. Its essential that all players use suitably protective equipment and clothing. Designed to protect the shoulders and chest from injury, American football pads are made from shock-absorbing foam that is encased within a hard plastic shell.

American football pads are available in different sizes and are measured by shoulder size. The pads are secured with buckles or elastic straps and the size can usually be adjusted with strings that are tied together at the front.

Innovative features on the latest American football pads include: special technology that allows easy access to a player in the event of an injury; breathable vents; adjustable/removable deltoid pads; contact point shock absorbers; and injection moulded plates for enhanced rigidity without extra weight.

American football pads for different positions

Different American football positions require different types of pads. The more contact involved, the stronger the padding must be

A quarterback needs freedom of movement, so their pads are flexible and lightweight. Wide receivers also use lightweight pads for speed.

Linemen receive the most hits from the opposition, so needs heavy and durable pads (but theyll want to avoid being grabbed, so their pads will be streamlined).

Fullbacks, linebackers and tight ends tend to use pads without laces, as they dont require as much adjustment between plays.

Wear protective pads alongside an american football jersey to fully complete the look.