Receive a Crystal Clear Signal with the Right Antenna Mast

Although antenna masts can be fitted on vehicles like cars and caravans to receive radio or TV signals, theyre also used by radio ham enthusiasts to send and receive messages from all over the world. Apart from these uses, antenna masts are commonly utilised to mount CCTV surveillance or lighting systems – both permanently and temporarily. Whether youre looking for a replacement antenna mast for your car, or need a sturdier stand-alone structure, eBay has one to meet your needs and at affordable prices.

What kind of antenna mast do you need?

Your choice of antenna mast will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Purpose: Some masts are custom-made for certain types/makes of vehicle or for larger loads.
  • Height: Take into account both the extended and retracted height of the mast.
  • Load capacity: Check that the mast is both sturdy and large enough in its surface area to support its load.
  • Type of mast: Choose between the wide variety on eBay including sectional, fixed, and telescopic (including pneumatic).
  • Type of antenna: Make sure the mast is suitable for a directional and/or omnidirectional antenna.
  • Location: Antenna masts can be mobile, or be set permanently in position.
  • Accessories: Check if the antenna mast is sold with all the accessories like guy wires, pole clamp, brackets, and/or bolts.
Do all antenna masts need guy wires?

Guy wires are most commonly needed for antenna masts which resemble towers (usually of a lattice construction). Depending on the type and height of a mast, it might not require wires because its set in the ground using concrete, with a mounting plate, and/or anchors. Mobile antenna masts might be set on a tripod or trailer-mounted which makes them more easily transported and deployed. If the antenna mast isnt sold with all the necessary accessories, these can be purchased separately on eBay.

Do you need planning permission to install an antenna mast?

Planning regulations vary from council to council. Generally, local authorities dont require planning permission for antenna masts which are classified as permitted developments. This includes up to two TV or satellite antennas installed on roofs, or for separate structures which measure under 3 metres. However, you will need planning permission unless:

  • You can provide proof the structure has been in place for 4 years or more.
  • The antenna mast is up for fewer than 28 days per year.
  • The mast is mobile, rather than fixed permanently in place.