Antique Armoires & Wardrobes

Offering grace and style as well as being entirely practical, antique armoires and wardrobes are a great addition to your home décor and furnishings. You can find many different sizes of armoires and wardrobes, so its important to measure the space you have available so that you can fit your perfect antique wardrobe in the room you want.

You can find a variety of styles, each from a unique era. Choose the time period that best suits your room decor and add a touch of history at the same time.


Victorian wardrobes are usually made of solid wood and feature Victoriana details such as tulip feet, beaded detail and smoothly rounded cornices. Victorian wardrobes are traditionally quite elegant in their design with flowing lines and intricate detailing to show the craftsmanship of the carpenter. You can find Victorian wardrobes in a range of sizes from larger three-door constructions complete with drawers or smaller single door constructions.


There are many similarities between Victorian and Edwardian wardrobe styles. Edwardian wardrobes will also feature lots of intricate decoration across the wardrobe to show excellent woodcarving techniques. It was in this period where they started to include mirrors on the front of the wardrobe doors which makes your antique both beautiful and practical.


Pre-1837, you can still find rare Georgian antique wardrobes. Youll see features such as panelled doors and fluted pilasters. Georgian wardrobes are relatively hard to find due to their age and can be quite a desirable find for investors. As with Victorian and Edwardian wardrobes, Georgian wardrobes feature a solid wood construction, usually woods such as a deep, rich mahogany.

Art Deco

A lacquered appearance usually identifies art deco wardrobes. Wardrobes from this era are usually high-polished and shiny and designed to be sleek and streamlined with smoothly curved contours. Many art deco wardrobes are made from woods such as walnut and will have lots of line detail as decoration.