Antique Cabinets

Antique furniture is a sought-after commodity and cabinets offer some of the best examples of design and style from bygone eras. An antique cabinet is a great conversation starter and can add the perfect finishing touch to your room. All you need to do is match your design aspirations to the appropriate period.

20th Century Antique Cabinets

There is too much variation in 20th Century design to be able to typify it in a few words. You can find everything from traditional wooden storage cabinets to industrial metal filing cabinets in this category and there truly is something to suit every taste. From stylish 1960s drink cabinets with a built-in bar to elegant 1930s Queen Anne Cabinets in a beautiful vintage walnut finish, the choice is endless.

Edwardian (1900-1910) Antique Cabinets

Edwardian furniture was designed to offer a welcome departure from the dark, drab style of the Victorians and these cabinets often have shapely legs, or ornate doors hiding utilitarian drawers. Many are characterised by attractive carved details and the grain of the wood is often an important feature in the aesthetics.

Victorian (1837-1901) Antique Cabinets

Victorian furniture is famed for being large, heavy and solidly constructed, drawing on Gothic, Rococo, Romantic and Louis XV influences. Victorian cabinets are no exception and many of these are imposing pieces in dark mahogany, oak or walnut with a high shine. Of course, if you prefer a lighter finish, some pieces are already up-cycled, painted or sanded -and this is always an option to attempt yourself if you like the solid construction but want to change the design.

Reproduction Antique Cabinets

Depending on your price range and commitment to authenticity, one of the easiest ways to create an antique feel in a room is to purchase reproduction furniture; put simply, this is recently produced furniture designed to look antique. It may be distressed or treated to look vintage, or it may be manufactured to look just like the original, often at a fraction of the cost.