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Keep connected with the 40mm Apple Watch Series 4

The 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 helps you stay healthy whilst keeping you connected. Designed to be sleek and elegant so it doesn't get in the way of your workouts, but made with robust materials for durability, you can use this smartwatch no matter your preferred style of workout. 

Choose your Apple Watch Series 4 to match your personal style. You'll find both stainless steel and aluminium cases available, alongside straps in different materials. You can also get yourself the larger 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 for something with added screen space. 

Building on previous successes

The Series 4 has extra features and a more elegant design than the previous generations. Narrow borders make way for more screen space, offering 30 percent more screen than the previous generation. This larger display is backed up with great power efficiency, thanks to an updated display technology, giving you up to 18 hours of life in one charge. 

Curved corners match the metal case perfectly, making way for more screen. This rounded design offers more touchscreen area with the display flowing to the very edges of the case. Stack up to eight handy displays on this expanded watch face, including your heart rate, the temperature and oxygen quality. 

A Digital Crown mimics the style of an analogue watch. When turned, it gives haptic feedback to create a realistic clicking feel. The Digital Crown also helps with keeping this Apple smart watch waterproof. Swim in water of depths up to 50m with no damage. Then, twist the Digital Crown to shoot a sound blast to rid the speakers of water. 

Health monitoring

Working to keep you active and healthy throughout the day, the Apple Watch Series 4 uses a mixture of apps and features to track your health. An optical heart rate sensor monitors your heartbeat, letting you know when you're most active in the day. 

You can also set high or low heart rate alerts to notify you if your heart rate speeds up or slows down when you're inactive. 

Use the Breathe app to relax during breaks in your hectic schedule. Follow the app through a few breathing exercises to help you cool down and increase your mindfulness. 

A mixture of other apps also help to keep you healthy. Set yourself 12 goals a day with Steak, or track your diet and exercise with Lifesum. 

Working out, connected

Stay connected whilst hitting intense workouts with the Apple Watch Series 4. You'll find handy features whether you're a swimmer, bodybuilder or runner. 

When out on a run, a simple tap of the screen will show you helpful stats. Use the cadence tracker to see your steps per minute, or use the pace tracker to see if you're ahead of your target. 

You can also keep an eye on the split of your previous kilometre. Seeing how quickly you ran your previous kilometre motivates you to beat it, upping your running game. 

Or pair your Apple Watch with compatible equipment in the gym for a connected workout. You can track your activity across a range of machines, like treadmills, exercise bikes and cross trainers. 

An auto workout detection system can tell if you've started exercising without the Workout app open. You'll receive an alert that reminds you to open the app whilst the start of your workout is automatically tracked so you don't miss anything. 

Track activity

The handy Activity Tracker keeps an eye on how active you are throughout the day, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle. The tracking system uses three rings to show how much time you spend doing three different types of activities. 

A red ring tracks calories burnt normal activity, like walking, the Exercise ring tracks time spent working out and the Stand ring monitors time spent stationary.