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Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatches

Keep active with the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 keeps you active and connected at the same time. Its a sleek addition to any wrist, offering elegant style with a host of health benefits. Crafted with Apples iconic design language, an easy to use operating system and quality materials, this is a handy smartwatch that will last. 

Choose yours with either an aluminium or stainless steel case in a range of different colours. Different types of straps are available too, including sport bands, sport loops and Milanese loops. The smaller 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 takes up less space on your wrist, whilst the larger 44mm Apple Apple Watch 4 offers greater screen space. 

Redesigned style

This Apple smartwatch builds on the successes of the previous models to make for a stylish yet functional device. The screen is 30 percent larger than the previous generation thanks to the narrower borders, offering more display than ever. Even with this larger screen, new advanced display technology enhances energy efficiency, with up to 18 hours of life in one charge. 

Curved corners match the case, making way for more touchscreen that flows to the very edge of the screen. A redesigned watch face can show up to eight handy features, including heart rate, the time and temperature. The Digital Crown features haptic feedback, mimicking a clicking feel found in analogue crowns. 

Powerful water resistance makes this device perfect for use on intense workouts, or even in the pool. Use the Apple Watch Series 4 in water of up to 50m, and use the Digital Crown to get rid of water in the speaker with a sound blast. 

An optical sensor constantly monitors your heartbeat, offering quick heart rate checks. This can also detect a low heart rate, letting you set a specific threshold that triggers a notification. 

Health features

This constant heart rate sensor lets you check your heart at any time, keeping track over the day. Alerts can also be set for high or low heart rates. You can also use the Breathe app to reduce stress. This handy app helps you relax during breaks, taking you through a series of breathing exercises. 

Various other apps work to help with promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Streaks app reminds you to complete up to 12 different tasks in one day, whilst Lifesum helps you to track your workouts and diet. 

More efficient workouts

Active systems work together to help you get the best workout possible, whether youre running, boxing or practising yoga. Simply tap the screen when out on a run to check your pace. This shows you if youre behind or on time, a cadence tracker monitors your steps per minute and you can also check your split from your previous kilometre. 

This Apple smartwatch can also pair with compatible equipment at the gym for a fully connected workout. This can be used to track your activity across the treadmill, rowing machine and stair machine. 

An automatic workout detection alerts you if youve started working out without the Workout app, already tracking the exercise youve already done. 

Track all activity

The Activity Tracker keeps track of your activity levels through the day with a three-ringed system. The Move ring keeps track of active calories burnt throughout the day, including walking up stairs or carrying boxes. Exercise tracks minutes of actual exercise done in the day. Stand tracks how much time you spend sitting. 

You can share your Activity with your friends and even set a seven-day competition. Youll receive notifications throughout the competition to keep you motivated, letting you know if youre ahead or behind your competitor. Win a competition and youll get an award to flaunt on your watch, kept in the Awards section of the Activity app.