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Apple iMac 20

Simplify Computing With an All-In-One iMac 20 Desktop

All-in-one desktop computers are great for those who appreciate minimalistic design. No more wires, no more clutter, and no more headaches dealing with clustered workstations. The iMac is the primary line of desktop computers offered by Apple, and unlike traditional tower PCs, the iMac 20 crams all of its hardware and components right into its display. Choose from a variety of configurations from eBays selection.

What software does the Apple iMac 20 operate?

The iMac 20 utilises macOS, Apples proprietary operating system, known for its simplicity and easy user interface. The macOS version that your iMac 20 will have depends on whether the system has been upgraded or not. Most likely, it will come installed with either OS X El Capitan or OS X Lion.

Does the iMac come with a mouse and keyboard?

All new Apple iMac desktop computers come with an aluminium keyboard and a wireless Apple Magic Mouse. If your iMac 20 comes with all original parts, then you can expect a mouse and keyboard to be included. It is important to check individual product descriptions for exact details, especially since many users may have replaced or upgraded OEM components or peripherals.

What are some different configurations that iMac computers have?

The iMac 20 comes with a 20-inch screen, but internal hardware can vary depending on the model and customizations made to the unit. Here are some typical specs and features youll find:

  • Processor: The iMac 20 has a dual-core, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU chip. It can deliver a base frequency of 2.0GHz to 2.66GHz, and a turbo boost that can rise up to 4.0GHz or more.
  • RAM: Most iMac 20 computers will have at least 3GB of RAM. Many users may have upgraded their RAM, so you can find iMac 20s with 4 to 8GB of RAM, or more.
  • Graphics card: Apple iMac 20s were released with AMD Radeon graphics cards. Radeon cards are known for high performance and are capable of delivering 3D imagery as well as complex graphics.
  • Storage: Youll typically find a 250GB SATA hard disc drive in most iMac 20 desktop computers. Many models may have upgraded storage discs, often ranging from 500GB to 1TB. Some might even have an SDD drive rather than an HDD.
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