Aquarium Lighting and Hoods

In addition to food and oxygen, light is one of the essential things fish need to flourish. Replicating the light they would have in their natural environment can avoid health problems so it's advisable to give your fish around 12 hours of light each day.

Some lights and hoods will be designed for specific water types, while others can be used in both saltwater and fresh water. Some are overhead, some are submersible and some are dimmable. Whatever lighting equipment and hoods you need you'll find thousands of new and used options to suit a range of budgets, requirements and different species of fish.

Aquarium Strip Lights

Fluorescent lighting most closely resembles daylight, however, incandescent lighting options are also available for home aquariums and fish tanks.

Strip lights from Interpet and Fluval come in a range of sizes and lengths. They typically come in white, blue or white and blue colours, however, red, green, yellow and pink shades are also available.

Aquarium Reef Lights

If you have an aquarium that includes invertebrates and corals, the light you provide will be a source of its nutrition. The amount of light you require per gallon will vary depending on the natural depths of the organisms you have within your reef aquarium, so choosing the correct light is paramount to their wellbeing.

Choose from compact, LED, metal halide, T5 and T8 bulbs from Juwel, Hagen, JBL, iQuatics and Interpet. Special reef light features include colour enhancing, full spectrum and high intensity.

Aquarium Hoods

Aquarium hoods tend to be made from plastic rather than glass and combine a lid and light fixture. You can choose a range of shapes and sizes to fit your tank and can experiment with different light configurations, from strips to LEDs. Aquarium hoods from Hagen, JBL, Interpet and Juwel are among the most popular.