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BLACK+DECKER Sanding Sheets

Black and Decker Sanding Sheets

Electric sanders take the hard work out of preparing surfaces for painting and varnishing, removing rust and previous paint coatings, smoothing plaster and more. Find Black and Decker sanding sheets that are perfect for both DIY and professional use.

Which Black and Decker Sander?

Black and Decker sell a range of sanders suitable for different sanding applications and each variant has its own sanding sheet specification. Sander types include Mouse detail sanders for intricate spaces and finishing sanders which are ideal for vertical walls and doors as well as horizontal sanding.

There are random orbital sanders that can sand across wood grains without leaving swirl marks and belt sanders that are powerful enough to make light work of sanding large flat surfaces like floorboards, decking and table tops. There is also a 4 in 1 multi-purpose sander that combines the roles of random orbital, finishing and detail sanders.

Which Sandpaper?

Once sandpaper size has been chosen for the correct sander, the next decision is which type or grade of sandpaper to use for the project. Sandpaper has several systems that grade the grit size and, while these largely depend on the country of manufacture, the most common are the American CAMI and European ISO/FEPA systems.

Sandpaper Grit Sizes

At its most basic, sandpaper is either coarse, medium and fine. More accurately, using the CAMI system, sandpaper grit sizes fall into five categories. Extra course (24, 30, 36), coarse (40, 50), medium (60, 80), fine (100, 120) and very fine (150, 180 and 220). There are also microgrits that fall into very, extra, super and ultra fine grit grades.

Sanding Mesh Sheets

As an alternative to sandpaper, sanding mesh sheets have an open mesh design which means there is no need for dust extraction holes to be matched with the sander. Sanding mesh sheets are made of cloth rather than paper and use a silicone carbide abrasive grain for extended life. The mesh sheets can be rinsed or tapped clean.