BMW 3 Series Rear Light Assemblies

BMW 3 Series rear light assemblies

If your rear light is damaged or no longer working make sure your BMW 3 series is roadworthy with a new rear light assembly. Genuine new and used parts are available, alongside compatible or unbranded light sets, each with their own benefits and to suit every budget. Many assemblies are designed to be easy fit at home, although it might still be best to get a professional mechanic to fit any parts if youre unsure yourself. 

Indicator lights

Replacement indicator lights are available for all areas of the car. Some BMW 3 Series have an indicator window bar and door indicators, as well as the standard bumper and wing mirror indicator lights. Other lights that improve the drivers experience are internal boot lights, which can be found in sets with rear light assemblies, ideal for overhauling a vehicles lights all in one go. 

Coupe, saloon and estate cars can all have slightly different light fittings, so its always worth double checking the right light kit for your car. There are also different parts for both the driver and passenger sides, although often if one side is being replaced its worth replacing the other side too. 

Custom and upgraded light assemblies

Smoked light fittings can upgrade the appearance of a BMW 3 Series with minimal effort, whereas some drivers prefer a sportier look with all red light fittings. Sport look lights are available to facelift the look of the car, and as always when replacing the style of light fittings both left and right sets should be fitted to avoid a clash in fitting styles. For repairing small or specific parts of a light its possible to find replacement rubber seals for fog lights or just replacement backs of existing lights. Small improvements like this can improve the value of a car as well as the look.