BMW 3 Series Wings & Quarter Panels

Protective BMW 3 series wings quarter panels

Car wings and quarter panels are metal body panels that essentially define how the back of your car is going to look. Rear quarter panels are designed to provide structural support and they are often welded on. Some quarter panels come as one large piece that serves as a roof section and a rear fender as well however it is more than possible for you to find some that serve as rear panels only. Find the perfect BMW 3 series wings and quatre panels here on eBay. 

Wraparound Panels

Wraparound plastic bumpers gained popularity in the 80s and they cover the rear section of the quarter panel. They make it much easier to clean the car with soap and water and they also make it much easier to replace if required. Older BMW quarter panels come with OEM chromed tips that are bolted onto the panels. These are known for developing a much higher level of rot and are therefore much scarcer on the market today. 

Structural Connective Panels

Quarter panels for specific models of BMW may also be available in a reduced form. Some have no roof sides or even structural connections in regards to the rocker panel. These are known as quarter panel skins and they are also known as truck bed panels as well. A partial replacement can be done if this part of the car should fail and in some applications, you can even weld the panel to ensure a speedy repair. 

Stock Panels

Stock panels for your BMW 3 series are very easy to come by and they essentially replace whatever quarter panel came on your car at the time it was made. Some of them are available in different colours and it is very easy to find one that is going to match in with your existing car. Some quarter panels can even be customised with the right equipment.