Bright BMW Z4 headlight assemblies

If the headlights on your BMW Z4 are damaged or no longer working as well as they used too it might be time they need replacing. Here on eBay, BMW Z4 headlight assemblies are widely available in a huge range of designs, shapes, sizes and bulb types. When choosing your BMW headlight assemblies you have to make sure that the one you select fits in your car structure and that the bulbs are also suited to the driving purpose that you have. 

Halo headlights

Not only do they improve your vision when driving at night but Halo headlights also improve the overall look of your car. The bright Halos will make your vehicle extremely visible to other drivers and the headlight housing will give your BMW Z4 a stylish look. Halo headlights are available in black, chrome and coloured housing and with clear and smoke lens options. 

Sealed Beams

Sealed beam headlights are often a one-piece design and have a glass lens. The lens, the housing and the bulb cannot be separated without you taking apart the assembly and destroying the light. If the bulb happens to burn out then the entire headlamp will need to be replaced. When the bulbs were first created, there were only two sizes available, the 7 inch and the 5.75 inch. For this reason, older assemblies are only available in these sizes. If you have a plastic lens headlight assembly then it is possible for you to remove the light bulb and the lens without destroying the entire housing structure or the bulb. 


Composite lights came out right after the sealed beam. They have bulbs that can be replaced and they are also filled with halogen gas as well. People tend to call these lights halogen bulbs for this very reason. These headlight assemblies have the ability to incorporate both turning signals and even fog lamps into their design.