How to Choose Baby Shower Favours

One way many expecting parents choose to celebrate the imminent arrival of their bundle of joy is with a baby shower. When having a baby shower, baby shower favours for the guests are a wonderful way to thank people for their gifts, as well as their attendance. eBay carries many wonderful baby shower favour options to help you thank your guests according to your theme or colour scheme.

How do you pick the right colours?

Picking a colour theme for the party can help you choose the rest of your decorations. If you know the gender of your baby, you may decide to do a traditional pink or blue theme. If you aren't finding out if it is a boy or girl until they are born, greens, yellows, and purple baby shower party favours are a good choice. Also, if you already have a theme for the babies room, such as nautical or animal-centred themes, you may want to pick a colour theme that aligns with their room. Once you have settled on a colour theme, you can begin deciding what part favours will fit into your parties decor.

What kind of party favours are available?

There are so many party favour ideas out there, it can be hard to choose what kind will fit with your needs sometimes. If you chose to do a colour theme that fits with your baby room decor, picking a party favour that matches that theme would be an excellent idea. For instance, an animal theme could have party favours such as personalised tea light candles with Noah's Ark, napkins featuring wild animals on safari, or plates and cups with wildlife on them. The candles can have customised text, such as your name and the date of your baby shower. If you prefer to go with a gender themed party, favours such as keychains with pink or blue themes. Small teddy bears with customised tags are another option that would stand out for your shower. Of course, you can also do a combination of favours to fit your personal needs and budget.

How can you package baby shower party favours?

Once you have picked out your party favours, they will need to be attractively packaged for your guests. Here are some packaging options:

  • Boxes: There are various cute box options for baby shower part favours on eBay. Some of the boxes feature things like old fashioned baby prams, bears, baby booties, and more. They can be found in any colour, and many come with attractive bows as well.
  • Baggies: Baggies are also a great way to package your party favours. Bags with various designs that are baby shower appropriate can be found on eBay as well.
  • Cellophane: Cellophane is always a fancy looking option for packaging favours.