Backpacks for Women

Womens Backpacks

Carry any essentials with ease and style with the help of womens backpacks. Traditionally simple in design, the womens backpack has, over time, been given a modern makeover to become a diverse accessory.

Backpacks have always been favoured for their ample storage and easy, hands-free design. Simply fill them up with everything you need and pop on your back for quick access and freedom of movement.

Traditional Backpacks

When we think of backpacks , we often think of the traditional canvas design that we used to carry our books to school. Even this classic design has been given a new look, covering a wide range of styles.

Choose a sports rucksack for carrying your essentials to the gym and back. With plenty of room for your towel, trainers and water bottle; backpacks are an easy, compact way to pack everything you need.

Other basic designs include plain or patterned canvas backpacks, often with a zip fastening or drawstring and flap top. With so many prints available, it is easy to find quirky designs to fashionable florals and trademark prints.

These traditional backpacks have always been a great accessory to pair with casual outfits, especially on busy days. Choose a traditional backpack in black leather for an edgier look, or show some personality with a more fun design.

Handbag Backpacks

A more recent trend is for handbag backpacks, combining the ease and convenience of a backpack with the chic style of a handbag. This design is more versatile and can be worn with anything from casual to smart outfits.

These versatile handbags usually feature traditional handles as well as straps so they can be carried or worn on the back. You can usually find these handbag style backpacks in leather, suede or cotton.

Size and Style

For traditional book bags made sleek and stylish, choose a classy leather or suede backpack with a simple streamlined shape. A medium or large bag will comfortably fit books, notepads and clipboards and maintain a timeless design.

A lot of traditional-style canvas backpacks are coming out in sleek and simple designs in a more miniature size; still convenient and easy to carry, but a bit less bulky than your traditional rucksack.

Choose a small and sleek backpack in leather, suede or classic fabric for the perfect companion for a night out, keeping those hands free for pulling shapes. For a smarter look, choose a leather satchel with backpack straps. Offering the chic and professional satchel design with the practicality of back straps.