Bathroom Tile Decals

Bathroom Tile Decals

Adding an interesting feature to your bathroom tiles can be fairly simple. With the right designs and colours, you can use tile decals to interesting effect for a relatively low budget. They can even be used in other areas of your home, like your kitchen.

Before you start, its worth familiarising yourself with the best way to apply the transfer. That way, youll be confident before you start peeling and sticking. Also consider the overall look of your room, to ensure the decal does exactly what you need it to.

Nautical Decals

A nautical design is a favourite with many homeowners. Its the perfect look for any bathroom, and you can find all sorts of designs to make your room look fun, pretty or stylish.

Typical products include self-adhesive anchor designed stickers, mosaic patterned stickers and fish tile stickers. Good quality tile decals have a strong adhesive, so theyll stay put even in wet areas, such as around the bath.

Animals Decals

Quirky and unique, animal tile decals can spruce up a bathroom without taking on a major redecorating job. You can even use certain wall stickers in other areas of your home, like a nursery or a childs bedroom.

Youll find products like porcelain stick-on appliques in dolphin shapes, ceramic fishes, butterfly wall transfers, tile murals and glow in the dark stickers. In fact, theres everything you need to add a little personal touch in moments.

Food and Kitchen Decals

Decals under the food and kitchen category can often double up as ideal decoration for a bathroom. Many styles are versatile and timeless, and they can be used to brighten up shabby areas or cover up minor scratches and chips. Examples include marble, glass or stone effect patterns, grey multi-patterned tile stickers, and brick inspired transfers. You can also find statement pieces with mosaic prints.