Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps for style and ambience

Add to the style of your bedroom with a bedside lamp. These pieces of home lighting are perfect for matching with the style of your home, or for creating a contrasting style. From metal units to wooden models, youll find the perfect lamp for your home right here on eBay. 

Metal bedside lamps

Ideal for pairing with modern spaces, metal bedside lamps offer a contemporary touch of charm. Youll find them available in a range of style, from more striking pieces to standard lamp designs. 

Introduce a touch of Hollywood style with a lamp in the shape of a studio camera. A thin black metal stand with three legs offers support, whilst the camera-shaped lamp emits light our of the lens. Due to its camera design, this lamp can be adjusted up or down to light different areas. 

A Leitmotiv Z lamp offers a modern take on the classic arm lamp design. The Z-shaped stand is made with one continuous piece of metal, whilst the lamp head can be swivelled for customisable lighting. 

Or go for a metal model in a retro design with a Suva lamp. A circular base supports the thin stand that attaches to the adjustable neck. With the lamp hanging off the end of the neck, this model creates a truly retro feel. 

Wood bedside lamps

Match the traditional style of your home with a wood bedside lamp. Go for something in a wood finish to match other wooden furniture, or choose something with a glossy white coat of paint for something that stands out. 

Add a vintage style wooden lamp for a touch of on-trend reclaimed style. A wooden frame, made of two pieces of wood, houses a black wire and simple hanging light bulb to create a stylish table lamp that draws the eye.