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Belle Cement Mixers

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Turning your cement at the right consistency and containing it in the right place requires a mixer. Cut down on the man-power with automated mixers from Belle Group. You’ll find low-priced Belle mixer parts and machines in a large eBay catalogue that’s live and active this very moment.

How much can you pour with a cement mixer?

You can pour cement indefinitely with Belle cement mixers. The mixer drum is where cement is mixed and turned for the right texture. Each batch you churn gets poured and empties out of the drum and starts all over again. You will need your required mixture of dry ingredients such as cement and lime. Then, you can add water. The turning of the mixer’s engine will spin an impeller that brings all of the ingredients together. The drum will then allow you to easily pour the mixture out to repeat the process.

Which Belle cement mixer parts are there?
  • Mixer drums: A mixer drum is a large metal container that’s resistant to wear and tear. It can manage stone pieces and sharp edges. The size of the drum reaches between 90 and 150 litres. This drum is attached to a swivel joint that allows it to tilt forward and downward when pouring concrete. You can leave your dry ingredients safely here until you’re ready to add water.
  • Replacement wheels: A Belle cement mixer is ideal in a stationary workplace. Getting from place to place requires a wheel-system that safely transports the machine over smooth terrain.
  • Gear systems: Belle cement mixers use a number of gears for its pulley, engine, and wheels. These pieces can be replaced as needed.
  • Motors and housings: An engine is what turns the impeller to mix dry ingredients with water. New engines and engine parts are available along with a protective housing for the motor.
  • Stands: The stationary work you do with a Belle cement mixer is possible with a secured stand. These are the legs that the mixers sit on. The stand uses up to four legs to withstand heavy conditions.
Is special equipment required for a cement mixer?

A Belle cement mixer uses an on/off switch to get the motor going and a gas or electrical connection for your power source. No special skills are required other than what the guidelines provide within your user’s manual. Please refer to the manufacturer’s site for more details and for the safety you need.

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