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BenQ Computer Monitors

BenQ Monitors

BenQ is a Taiwanese technology company that was formed in 2001. It was part of Acer, but spun off from them and became independent from them in 2006.

A computer monitor is an essential element if you have a desktop computer. You may also wish to plug a separate monitor into a laptop or netbook , giving you more screen space than is usually provided on a conventional portable computer. BenQ monitors come in a wide range of different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your computer and workspace.

Types of BenQ computer monitors

Widescreen computer monitors are nowadays far more common than standard squarer sized monitors.

The advantage of widescreen computer monitors is that they allow you to view more windows/programs at once.

You can also watch modern TV shows and films more easily on a widescreen monitor, as they are generally now all produced in the widescreen format.

BenQ widescreen monitors are perfect for displaying multiple pages, applications and files on at once whilst retaining high quality visuals.

The primary difference youll find with computer monitors is their screen size. BenQ produce a range of different size monitors, from smaller 17 inch models right up to monitors of 34 inches and more - A computer monitors screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner.

Your choice of size will be dependent on the functionality you require, as well as the space you have available on your desk for placing the monitor. A 34 inch screen, for example, will take up a lot of room compared to a 19 or 21 inch version.

Another element of a monitors functionality is whether it comes with built in speakers. BenQ built-in speaker monitors allow you to have the functionality of quality computer speakers whilst saving desk space. This can also help to save money, as you dont need to have separate speakers when they are already provided in the monitor.