Bicycle Bags & Panniers

Bicycle Bags & Panniers

Carry your essentials on the go with bicycle bags and panniers from saddlebags to handlebar bags. When youre on the go, youll need to take essentials with you and sometimes even a change of clothes but it isnt convenient to carry normal bags.


Saddlebags are bags that are fastened to the saddle of your bicycle. They offer small and convenient storage thats perfect for taking your essentials and puncture kits along with you. If youre not a fan of a bag under your seat, try a frame bag, which will sit in the triangle part of your bike frame.

If youre going out on a ride and need to take food and drink with you, take a look at stem bags. Usually round, they attach to the stem, handlebar and fork crown to stay upright while youre on the go.

If youre looking to carry a little more with you, look at handlebar bags. They balance across the handlebars to stabilise the load. Some find handlebar bags a little more difficult to attach to your bike but once theyre on, theyre very convenient to use.

Or, look at panniers and double panniers, which attach to the sides of your bike, across the wheel. If youre carrying quite a lot, it is best to choose double panniers to even the load across the two sides of your bike. You can get panniers for the front or back wheels and will find them in so many styles from simple to stylish.


Whether youre nipping through town or heading off on a tour, youll want a brand of bag that you can trust.

Check out Ortlieb who specialise in waterproof bike bags and backpacks that are high quality or British brand, Carradice, who pride themselves on their expertise and experience. Other specialist brands include Brompton who design premium bike bags, Altura who produce cycle clothing too, or Topeak who offer over 25 years of innovation.