Bicycle Chainsets & Cranks

The mechanics of a bicycle are simple; when you pedal, the chainset rotates and drives the rear wheel, propelling you forward. The chainset is the engine of a bike, and the cranks are the accelerators that put things in motion.

Bicycle chainsets are typically made up of cranks, bottom brackets and chainrings bought as a bundle. Cranksets are also popular and are comprised of a pair of crank arms without chainrings.

Whichever parts you choose, you'll want them to be lightweight, strong and durable so they can withstand the stresses of regular cycling, but without slowing you down. Choose between titanium, carbon, aluminium and steel.

No matter if you're replacing your chainset or are building a custom bike from scratch, you'll find a wide range of components including crank arms, cassettes, chains, pedals, chainrings and bottom brackets.

Choose from leading brands including PROMAX, Campagnolo, AEROZINE, Shimano, Race Face, SRAM, Stronglight, Middleburn and Suntour.

Choosing the Right Bicycle Chainset

Before selecting a chainset it's a good idea to check compatibility with your frame to see if a threaded bottom bracket shell or a Pressfit bottom bracket shell is required.

Crankarm length can be chosen in accordance with your height and comes in a range of sizes from 135mm to 220mm, with 175mm being the most popular.

The type of chainset and cranks you select will be determined by bike type such as BMX, mountain, cyclocross, universal and road. Usually the more gears you require to navigate rough terrain, the more chainrings you'll need. Opt for single, double or triple chainrings.

The more chainsets you have, the heavier your bike is likely to be. Single front chainrings are simple to use and lightweight, with a small range of gears, while double and triple chainrings are heavier and include higher gears for faster speeds and lower gears for riding uphill.