Bicycle Handlebars

Bicycle handlebars can make a huge difference to the comfort and performance of your cycling experience. Bicycle handlebars are available from a huge range of brands. This includes Brand X, SixPack, Nukeproof and more. Styles of handlebar include dropaero, barserobars, flat bars and riser bars.

Riser Handlebars

Riser bars are flat bars that rise up from the centre of the clamp. They are much wider when compared to flat bars. Riser bars are usually used for trail biking and this is because it allows the rider to sit more upright without compromising the control of the bike. This type of handlebar also gives you leverage which makes turning very easy. They are known for offering a comfortable grip on the wrist while allowing less weight to be distributed to the front of the bike.

Bullhorn Handlebars

Bullhorn handlebars curve up and then forward. A pursuit handlebar is a variation of the bullhorn bar. A typical pursuit bar curves up and then drops down, the bar then curves back up again. Bullhorn handlebars are designed so that you can get lower when facing headwind. Pursuit bars allow the rider to go into a deeper tuck which offers even more leverage. Bullhorn bars are ideal for speed orientated biking and downhill racing. They give the rider a high level of control over various types of terrain.

Drop Handlebars

Drop bars are incredibly popular with enthusiasts. They offer a very good level of balance and versatility. The middle section is straight with either end curving downwards before curving towards the rider. Drop bars have a lot of versatility and are suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes. Drop bars are defined by their reach. The reach is how far the bike handle curves down and this is usually down to the rider's personal preference. A lower reach helps the rider to achieve a more aerodynamic position.