Bicycle Transport Cases & Bags

Bicycle Transport Cases & Bags

If youre heading to the Tour de France or exploring the cycle paths of Europe, get prepared for the journey with bicycle transport cases and bags.

Bike transport cases are designed to take your whole bike or parts of it on the go with you, whether youre taking a flight or tucking it up in your car. If youre looking for an alternative to bags and cases, you can also purchase carry handles for your bike.

Hard Cases

If youre travelling on a plane, you may find it best to look at hard bike cases. These moulded cases are made from rigid plastic to keep your bike safe on the go. Make sure you choose ones with soft restraints to keep all of the components of your bike safely in position. Youll also want to check that your size and style of bike can fit into the case before purchasing.

Transport Bags

Transport bags are made from canvas and are therefore more lightweight and easier to carry than hard cases, ideal if you have to keep and carry yours with you. These can also be folded and stored away when youre not using them so if youre travelling between some locations on your bike, its easy to stash it in your bag on the way.

Transport bags are ideal for folding bikes as you can easily fold away your bike and pop it in the bag while getting on the train. The bags will also protect car interiors from any rubbing or damage by the bike.

Wheel Bag

If you want to chain up your bike and keep your wheel or wheels with you for safety, youll just need a wheel bag. These are also ideal if you need to take your wheels to be repaired.

Wheel bags are shaped like wheels with a zip around the outside and an easy carry handle to take it with you.