Bike Wheels & Wheelsets

Bicycle Wheels & Wheelsets

The right wheels for your bike will aid both performance and safety. Keeping your wheels in good working is an essential part of bike maintenance, but you may also want to upgrade or alter your wheels depending on external factors, like changing the way you use your bike.

To find the right wheel for you, you can search by category such as front wheels, or look at different sale conditions, like new and used. Often this can help you check out all your options and may even help you save some money.

Disk Wheels

Great for increasing your speed, disk wheels are popular with racing bike fans. Although they are more aerodynamic, solid disk wheels are heavier too. Youll also need to consider things like whether youll be using the wheels in higher winds, which can be dangerous, or on hillsides.

Products include solid carbon fibre disc wheels for road racing and versions for activities like cyclocross.

Front and Rear Wheels

Buying either front or wheels separately may be a good option if you just need to tweak your bikes handling and capabilities, or refresh worn parts. Shopping by bike types can help speed up your searches, such as refining to BMX or mountain bikes.

Big brands like Hope, Mavic and Shimano all have products out there. Typical examples include alloy mountain bike wheels for the front or rear and wheels made for speed on the roads.

Wheel Sets

Fixing up both wheels on your bike could be easily solved by buying a wheelset. You can look at products by bike type, like road racing or touring. You can also select your favourite brands like DT Swiss and Campagnolo.

You can find products to suit every kind of activity, including hybrid wheelsets, those made for touring, racing, cyclocross and wheelsets for mountain biking.