Boardroom Table

What to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Right Boardroom Table

A classic boardroom table can do a lot to project power to your members or provide a welcoming atmosphere during a business meeting. eBay offers new and used boardroom table options with many different style, material, and feature options.

How do you choose a boardroom table?

There are several important considerations for choosing the right boardroom table for your business, such as:

  • Number of people: How many people are involved in meetings? Choose a table that offers ample seating for all regular members plus enough extra space to support special guests.
  • Equipment in the room: The table wont be the only item in your meeting room. Leave enough space for the necessary equipment to be set up in the room when considering the dimensions of your table.
  • Interior design psychology: The psychology of design can help to promote the kind of branding you wish to portray as a business. Modern, cutting-edge styling can promote a forward-looking vision in business. Classic, vintage styles can offer an appearance of permanence if your goal is to show stability in business. You may wish to coordinate your furniture based on an overall design concept that matches your brand.
What materials do boardroom tables come in?

There are many different materials that a boardroom table can be made from, including:

  • Wood: This is a classic choice for boardroom tables. Common options include red, dark woods like cherry and mahogany, dark woods like walnut, and light woods like maple.
  • Metal: There are options that are all metal as well as those with metal frames and tops in other materials.
  • Glass: Glass-top tables are an option that is easy to clean and relatively durable in meetings with a lot of food and beverages. They may have metal or wood frames.
What features do boardroom tables offer?

While many classic boardroom tables are simply a well-crafted piece of furniture, others may offer additional features. Some options that you can find in a modern boardroom table include:

  • Power: Some tables come with built-in power ports. This may be in the form of electrical outlets, USB ports, or both.
  • Electronics: For meetings that require graphic presentations, especially interactive ones, some tables offer built-in electronics or slots to add and power tablets.
  • Expansion capabilities: Like an expandable dining room table, some boardroom tables have leaves to increase table size. This is great for the occasional larger meeting.
  • Shape: Tables may be rectangular, square, round, oval, L-shaped, or U-shaped.