Bottle Fridge

Add a Bottle Fridge to Your Room

A bottle fridge keeps your drinks cold without taking up much space. These stylised units can be added to any room. You can purchase your own beverage refrigerator on eBay. Here are a few things you should know before making a purchase.

Is a bottle refrigerator similar to a kitchen refrigerator?

The two refrigerators have some similarities, but they serve different purposes. A kitchen fridge is designed to keep your food and drinks at the proper temperature. Most models even have a freezer to store items for an extended amount of time. Kitchen refrigerators are bigger and are the showpiece of the room. A bottle refrigerator has one simple task. It is designed to keep your wine, beer, and soda bottles cold. These small fridges can be installed in any room. Their small size uses less energy and can help you save money as well. These refrigerators are meant to complement the design of your kitchen space. Most come with tempered glass doors and a stainless stain exterior. The bottle refrigerator is designed to be an added convenience to your home.

What types of bottle fridges are available?

You can purchase either a freestanding refrigerator or a built-in model. The freestanding fridge can be placed in any room. It can even be moved from room to room depending on your needs. The freestanding models do require some extra room around the exterior for ventilation. If the unit overheats, it could shut down and spoil your beverages. Many people choose a freestanding fridge because of its versatility. You can add this unit to a room and not worry about installation. A built-in bottle refrigerator is a more permanent solution. These units can be installed in the kitchen or a bar area. They have a vent that removes all the hot air. You will not have to worry about it overheating. You can find a model that will fit into the decor of your home. They are more expensive than the freestanding model, but they enhance the look of your room.

Where can you place a bottle refrigerator?

You can install an affordable bottle fridge in many places. Many people install them in an area where they entertain guests. A fridge in the dining room can store wine bottles for dinner. If you have a separate bar area, you may consider placing one in that spot. Some other places to install your bottle refrigerator include:

  • Family rooms
  • Home bars
  • Outside patios