Boys Belts & Belt Buckles

Boys belts & belt buckles are what every growing lad needs to keep his trousers up during school or play time.

Different types of boys belts

Leather, faux leather and canvas webbing belts are strong, sturdy and the rigid materials that can be adjusted to fit.

Stretchy, elasticated and lightweight polyester offers a secure fit for active boys.

Different boys belts and belt buckle materials

Leather is a great choice for boys belts. The material is robust and hardwearing and can easily take a few knocks. Stylish black leather belts are ideal for wearing with school uniform. To adjust the size, pull the belt tighter or looser, and secure in place with the metal buckle.

Durable and lightweight polyester is a popular choice for boys belts. Woven into stretchy fabric it makes the ideal material for belts that feature round clip mechanism buckles or plastic clip buckles.

An affordable alternative to real leather, faux leather is a good choice for adjustable boys belts.

Strong and robust, canvas look webbing has a textured ribbed finish. The webbing is typically used for adjustable belts that feature metal D-ring fasteners.

Different styles of boys belt buckles

Traditional style belt fasteners are made from polished gold or silver tone metal.

Metal clips that have a round shape fit into a clip mechanism that secures a belt in place. The easy to open boys belt buckle comprises of two ends that clip together to fasten.

Metal D shaped rings are often used to secure fabric or webbing belts. One end of the belt is fitted with the D-rings, and the other end threads through both rings. To secure, thread the belt back through the top D-ring. This is a popular choice for a casual belt buckle.

Similar to the round clip buckle, but made of plastic, the plastic clip buckle features two ends which clip together.