Boys' Ties

There are many occasions where a young boy may need or want to wear a tie. Whether it is to look smart at a formal event or they just want to look like a grown up, boys' ties are the perfect choice.

Specially designed boys' ties provide the safest option for younger children whilst wearing a tie. With a range of fastenings, they are all designed with safety in mind.

The most common type of boys' tie is held in place with a piece of elastic which wraps under the collar, giving the appearance of a regular tie but reducing the risk of strangulation as the tie is not placed around the child's neck.

The next most common type of fastening is a clip on tie which secures to the top of the shirt with a hidden clip. This gives the look of a regular tie, but without any material or fastening around the child's neck.

With so many different ways to fasten a tie it is often challenging for an adult to get a tie to sit right. This problem is removed with a boys' tie as there is no fastening, allowing children to look smart in no time and still look smart no matter how much they play with it.

Boys' ties come in a wide selection of different colours and patterns, allowing you to find the right tie for any occasion. Whether it is a formal black tie or a multi-coloured patterned tie for a fun party, there is a range of designs available.

As well as standard ties, there are also a large range of boys' bow ties available, allowing you more options when looking for smart children's neckwear for weddings or other special occasions.

Many boys' ties and bow ties are adjustable, making them suitable for boys of all ages to wear as they grow.