Boys' Trousers 2-16 Years

There are lots of things to consider when buying boys' trousers for 2-16 year olds. Where will they wear them? Can they dress themselves yet? Can they use zips and buttons? Take these things into consideration when making your purchase.


Boys' rain trousers are waterproof, making them a great choice for boys who like to be out and about in nature. They usually feature an elasticated waist which makes them ideal for young boys who cannot yet use tricky fastenings such as buttons. Some styles can be worn over other trousers, whereas some are designed to be worn on their own.

Cargo trousers or combats are the ones to go for if your son likes being outdoors. Robust, easy to clean and comfy, they are great for boys who like to climb, are prone to falling over or like getting covered in mud.

Dungarees are usually made from denim but are also made from other materials such as cotton. Typically worn by young boys, it is worth bearing in mind that it can be tricky to go to the toilet in dungarees, so consider whether this will be an issue.

Boys' harem trousers are the ultimate comfortable trousers. Made from soft lightweight materials, they usually feature an elasticated waist and ankles and are very loose fitting. They are ideal for young boys who may get irritated by tight fitting clothing.

Tailored trousers are the best choice for school or formal occasions, some tailored trousers have elasticated waists for young boys, whilst others zip and button up.


It is important to consider the fastening of the trousers, especially for younger boys who may struggle with fiddly fastenings when going to the toilet.

Elasticated trousers are the easiest to put on. Elasticated waists feature on a huge range of boys' trousers, especially styles for younger boys.

A button and fly fastening is a good option for older boys as they can be a bit fiddly, but look very smart.

A velcro fastening is a step up from the elasticated option. This looks smart whilst also being easy to use.