Boys' Wallets

Boys' wallets are a practical and grown up way to teach boys the value of money. Being able to carry his own money around gives a young boy a sense of independence.

Different styles of boys' wallets

Tri-fold boys' wallets opens into two halves to reveal a third middle section. Most tri-fold wallets are made from durable and lightweight polyester. Some wallets may feature a glossy printed cover, decorated with a superhero or popular character. There is space inside for notes, a zippered compartment for coins and a window section.

The bi-fold wallet opens in half. It typically features a coin pocket or a zip compartment and slots, and a window section. Notes are stored in the internal pocket. For added security most designs of boys' wallets feature a Velcro opening.

Plain in design, with a security strap or chain and a belt hook, the sports tri-fold wallets with chains are great for active boys, assuring the wallet doesn't fall out of their pocket.

A small and compact pouch to carry loose change, zip up purses made from durable synthetic textiles feature superhero emblems and popular characters. Some styles have a chain loop for attaching to belt hoops.

Whilst most boys may not be old enough to appreciate the appeal of vintage accessories, many designs incorporate characters and images that have been revived today. A vintage Marvel superheroes bi-fold textured leather effect wallet is just as appealing to small boys as it is to big ones.

Different brands of boys' wallets

A popular fashion choice for cool dudes is a Marvel wallet . Choose from characters, logos or comic strip designs.

Ideal for younger boys who have yet to define their own style, the Disney range of boys' wallets is colourful and bright. They are often decorated with images of popular characters.

For boys who have no style preference there is a variety of plain wallets to choose from. Other styles feature camouflage detail or generic icons.