Bridal Tiaras and Headbands

Top off your wedding dress with a choice of elegant bridal tiaras and headbands, designed to make you feel extra special on your big day.

Traditionally, women would wear a veil on their wedding day but it is now common to wear a tiara or headband instead or even as well as a veil. Others like to keep a pretty hairpiece to put on in the evening when they don't want to wear their veil all day. A touch of sparkle will perfectly dress up a simple or understated wedding dress.

Types of Bridal Tiaras and Headbands

The most popular tiara or headband style for bridal looks is silver with clear stones. This is a timeless style that will suit almost any look and is the perfect partner for white or ivory.

For a more vintage look, try contrasting with yellow gold or choosing a tiara with pearl details, or, to make the look your own, go for colourful gems and stones.

The first thing to consider when you're choosing your bridal tiara or headband is what style you want. There is the dainty and elegant tiara that is placed on top of the head, tucking into the sides of your hair for security, or a crown, which is a bolder and more confident style.

Or, you could choose a more understated headband which slips behind the ears and adds a beautiful look for your hair. The headband offers a more low-key option and looks stunning with loose or flowing hair, or if you can't decide between headband or a tiara, a double-band headband is the perfect middle ground.

A regal tiara or a crown style is a taller style of tiara, giving it more presence. These models add extra height to your wedding day look. If you're looking for a romantic or Grecian style, the wreath design tiara is a favourite. Inspired by nature, these tiaras feature leaf or floral shaped embellishments.