British Banknotes

British Banknotes

Seek a little history and add some rare pieces to your collection from a range of British banknotes.

Old Notes

Even if theyve been out of print for decades, some old notes are very common and therefore not worth a lot. However, there are some that every collection needs nevertheless.

For instance, the £1 banknote 1988 was known to be going out of print and therefore many people held onto their last note, therefore there are many that you will come across. However, any collector will still want this piece of history in their collection.

On the other hand, a lot of people kept the old £5 notes 1956 and these can still be worth a lot of money if you find one in great condition. If you find one of these black and white notes in mint condition, they are certainly worth adding to your collection.

Generally, bank notes that are from 1960 or earlier are great to collect. When notes were originally printed, almost every bank in the UK printed their own notes. In terms of local history, these provincial notes are great for collecting.


With both coins and notes, any error in the making of the currency is sought after and considered valuable as they are very rare, even if they are not in good condition.

If youre considering buying an error note, there are a few things to look out for. Mainly, the error should be visible immediately, so it shouldnt be so inconsequential that you have to compare two notes side by side. Experts have also confirmed that there are no errors in the new £5 notes, so any listings of these are unlikely to be genuine.

New Notes

There has been a lot of speculation about the value of the newer bank notes, especially when it comes to serial numbers. Serial numbers beginning with AK47, for instance, have proven very popular.

If youre purchasing one for its value rather than your interest in it, do check its worth before you buy.