Protect Your Valuables from all Kinds of Hazards with Bubble Packaging

Everyone loves bubble wrap both for its amazing protective quality and how fun it is to pop between your fingers. While most of us may think these sheets of protective plastic simply appear inside a box when we need them, they require buying like everything else although you can save on packing materials. Whether it's for extra safe storage or shipping needs, purchase cheap rolls of bubble packaging and other packing cushions on eBay.

Are there different types of bubble wrap you can buy?

The name "bubble wrap" actually refers to a wide line of products all made with the same general design of air bubbles trapped in thin plastic. Within this design, several variations have been created. These can include the following:

  • Sheets - The most traditional kind of bubble wrap is the sheet of plastic. This is what most people think of when they hear the term bubble wrap. It is a flat sheet of plastic with bubbles.
  • Pouches - Bubble wrap pouches are individual package-sized bubble packaging turned over on itself and sealed at the edges on three sides, making a convenient pouch for sealing delicate items inside.
  • Anti-static - Anti-static bubble packaging is made so as to resist static electricity. This can be implemented in any design for bubble packaging and simply makes storing and shipping delicate electronics much safer by reducing the risk of electrical damage.
Are there different sizes of bubbles in bubble wrap rolls?

Bubble wrap rolls can be classified based on the size of bubble in the plastic. These range from small, medium, and large. While the rating is a bit subjective, simply observing the size of the bubbles in a listing's picture can give you a general idea as to the size you're dealing with. If you have any questions, check the listing thoroughly and refer to the bubble roll manufacturer's website for additional details.

What size rolls of bubble wrap can you buy?

Bubble wrap is sold in rolls of varying lengths, letting you choose how much you want to buy based on your need. The most common sizes you can find on eBay would be 10, 25, 50, or 100-metre long rolls. In addition to length, there are also options for the width of each roll, ranging from 300, 500, and 750 millimetres although both smaller and larger variants exist. It would also be possible to find individual sheets of bubble packaging in these width ranges cut to specific lengths.